Bangdyache Tikhale -Seafood Curry

Goan Seafood

Fish or Shrimp Curry

Fish Curry, called "Hooman" in Konkan. This mildly-spiced yellow curry is rich, velvety, and full of flavors. It goes well with any Goan-style fried fish, Egg Bhurji or Kismoor. Fish curry can be made with Shrimps, Pomfret, King Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Salmon, Mussels, Clams or any other local fish like Blue fish, Red Snapper, Porgies, etc.

Shrimp Suke

Fish or Shrimp Suke

Fish Suke is also called "Dabdabit" in Konkani. This is a semi-dry spicy preparation of fish, eaten as a side dish or with Amboli or chapati. Fish Suke can be made with Shrimps, Pomfret, King Fish, Spanish Mackerel and Salmon.

Rawa Fried Fish

Rawa Fried Fish is a special Goan delicacy. The fish or shrimps are marinated with special spices and herbs and coated with a home-made custom batter which resembles like Rawa (semolina). Fish and shrimps are usually shallow fried. The Rawa forms a crispy coating over the tender succulent fish.

Ek Shipi made with Mussels

Ek Shipi

This delicacy is prepared from Mussels or Clams with only one shell left on, which gives the dish a special flavor. Opening, cleaning and preparing live Mussels and Clams is a time-consuming process. This preparation is also dry and eaten as a side dish.

Shrimp Pickle

Shrimp Lonche is a very popular preparation in Goan households. This mouth-watering, spicy yet not fiery-hot flavor makes you crave for more. Prepared with fresh herbs and spices, this pickle is served cold. Its flavor stands out when complemented with vegetarian dishes.

Shrimp Lonche

Shrimp Balchao

This Portuguese-influenced Goan dish is made in a spicy and tangy tomato-chili sauce and is one of Goa’s most popular dishes. It is actually a condiment and often described as “Shrimp Pickle.” Shrimp Balchao is eaten cold.

Stuffed Pomfret

This traditional dish is very delicious and flavorful. Pomfrets are stuffed with spicy and mouth-watering green chutney (made with coconut, chilies, coriander) and marinated in a blend of Goan herbs and spices. It is coated with our custom batter and shallow-fried till crunchy on the top while juicy and tender inside. Due to its demanding cooking technique, Stuffed Pomfret is not commonly prepared.

Stuffed Pomfret


During the monsoon season, Sun-Dried Fish is an integral part of the diet, as stormy Seas make fishing difficult. Dried Mackerels, Shrimp, King fish (Surmai), and Bombay Ducks are used in various dishes. Of these, the Suka Bangda Kismoor, or dried Mackerel Salad, is one of the most popular preparations. We offer Kismoor made from Dried Mackerel, dried and fresh Shrimp, and fresh Crab Kismoor.